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Alcohols of Alsace

Brandies, liqueurs and creams of Alsace

As for the wine, the quality, flavour and finesse of the brandy depend on the first fruit. That’s why our alcohols (alcools) come from the best fruits of the Alsatian region.

Our eaux-de-vie with original flavours are handcrafted in small copper stills. Distilled twice, our brandies are the result of a very rigorous selection: only those that had undergone intense heating take the name of the fruit.

“The Eau-de-vie is a simple secret like spring water.”


They are obtained through the distillation of fruits. Distinction is made between white brandy that is bottled immediately after distillation and the brown brandy that ages in oak barrels. They contain 45 degrees of alcohol, and are drunk cool (between 6 and 8 ° C) especially in digestive.


They are obtained by maceration (which gives them their color) and distillation, liqueurs contain at least 100 g of sugar per liter. They are very fruity, contain 25 degrees of alcohol and are drunk cool in digestive or cocktail.


Concentrated fruits, creams are liqueurs, whose sugar content is very important of the order of 200 to 450 grams per liter. They are consumed in small liquor, their degree of 18% vol allows many use as cocktails or the famous “KIR”

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Brandies, creams and liqueurs